Gabriela Perez

Gabriela Peregil is a Bogota illustrator, lover of chickens, alpacas and plants. Graduated from the Universidad Javeriana in Visual Arts with graphic emphasis two years ago, and since then she has worked for publishers such as Penguin Random Housey for Planeta Editorial. She is currently a regular columnist for Bacánika Magazine and works as a freelance illustrator for different cultural entities, agencies and brands. His most popular project is “Una Reina del Drama”, an illustration brand focused on graphic humor and the daily life of a 26-year-old woman. Avid reader, soap opera consumer, and after studying 4 semesters of literature at San Marino, her work has focused on storytelling through images, and creating illustrations that tell stories by themselves. He likes to tell real stories, taken from everyday life, combined with magic, mythology and fantasy that filled his childhood thanks to the stories that Mom told. Color plays a very important role in his narratives, and is - currently - the focal point of his study.

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